Escape Game-Unfixed Living Room App Reviews

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Not working

Tried level 1 and couldn't get the cabinet puzzle to work. Checked walkthrough and I was solving it properly... It just wasn't working.

Please fix screen size

The screen size is like 640x480 so everything is off the screen and so whatever clues you pick up it goes off the screen. The game cannot be played since you can't select your clues you picked up. Once it's fixed I will change the rating. Thanks!

Need to fix

Just like other reviews, the dimension of this game is not right. Play try to play yourself before releasing new games.

Can't play

Doesn't fit in the screen and where are the items I pick up going? How can I use them if I can't find or see them? Please fix!


Plz fix game. Can't even get to the play button. Would like to play game.

Can't play game

When I click on items, they disappear. Therefore, I can't use them. Please fix. I do like your other escape games. Just read Airman Fan's review. Maybe my clicked on items are there but I can't see them in the screen.

Something's wrong

The game doesn't fit the screen

Wrong dimensions

Not sure if it's not iOS 8 ready or what, but the dimensions are wrong and it doesn't fit on iPad screen. Why is fabsys going downhill so bad?!?!?!

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